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According to the Times Rich list, 40% created their wealth through property. The other 60% invested in property as a means of growing and protecting the wealth that they created in other industries. In fact, more millionaires attain their wealth through property than any other type of investment.

  • The UK population are living much longer than we have done previously and the Government continues to struggle to support us into our retirement. Pension schemes are no longer sufficient and the return on savings in the bank is at an all-time low. Unless we do something now to look after ourselves in the future, it’s likely that working past the normal retirement age will quickly become the norm and as a result, the standard of living throughout the later years will become much poorer.

    There are three things that people generally choose to do:

    • Start a new business
    • Invest into the stock market
    • Invest into property

    From our experience, we have found that investing in property is by far the most risk-averse, hands off and financially rewarding option. One of the main reasons is that the UK has always been and will always be a hugely popular place to live. We’re on an island with a very stable population. Land is limited, therefore prices will continue to grow and property will continue to be high in demand.

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