The Property Ombudsman
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Investor Advice

How To Invest In Property?

There are many different ways of successfully investing in property. At Sequre we have always found success with bulk deals because it gives us the ability to negotiate large discounts for our investors, not just with the property price but also with furniture costs, lettings, management and solicitors.

We work closely with our investors to advise them on every aspect of buy to let property. Locations, yields, finance, instant equity, market trends and rental demands are just some of the areas that we help our investors to understand.

Discuss It With Us

If possible, we recommend that investors come to our office for a free one-to-one consultation so we can discuss your situation, explain how our model works and recommend properties that meet your investment criteria.

We also hold informative seminars and events through the year where our investors can meet our experienced team and other investors to discuss how their investments are performing, what their future investment plans are and keep up to date with potential market changes.