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House prices increase 300% since 1995

The UKs property market sees continuous growth over 2 decades

New research has highlighted the dramatic growth in house prices over the last two decades, with some parts of the UK seeing prices increase by almost 1,000%.

A report from Savills has detailed how the average UK house price has risen 300% since 1995, with prices rising approximately £10,000 a year. The average property price in Britain currently stands at £262,837, compared to just £66,110 twenty years previous.

While each individual region varies in its total house price growth, almost every area in the UK has managed to double in value, representing a much stronger market and is a positive sign for the future. Previous research from Savills has forecast an average 20% house price increase over the next five years – a healthy sign of things to come.

What does Sequre say?

Graham Davidson, managing director at Sequre Property Investment, comments on the UK’s house price increase:

“While the recession may have left many feeling that growth in recent years has been minimal, these figures prove how far the market has come and demonstrates the potential for future capital growth – an attribute that all investors should pay particular attention to.”

“The average increase of 300% may seem excessive at first glance, but when evaluated over the twenty year period, this is quite a sustainable rate of growth. Other areas of the UK have seen far more aggressive growth rates and are now experiencing a severe slow-down as a result. Rocketing prices in areas such as London may look promising in the short term, but investors would be wise to consider locations with more promising prospects. The London market has already started to show signs of slowing down, with some areas not seeing any growth in prices at all. It’s important for investors to remember this when looking for properties – areas in the North West such as Manchester and Liverpool have seen a much healthier price increase, so anyone investing in these cities can rest assured that their investment is safe and on track for future growth.”

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