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House prices grow at fastest rate in the UK

The average house price now stands at £200,251, according to the Nationwide House Price Index.

The monthly report highlighted the average figures for March had increased at their fastest annual rate in just over a year, with prices rising by 5.7%. The numbers had also doubled on a monthly basis, increasing from 0.4% in February 2015 to 0.8% in March.

Activity across the property market has boomed over the last few months, as both property transactions and mortgage approvals have also increased. With low interest rates and a healthy market, it appears many buyers have been keen to take advantage.

In terms of the difference between the north and south, London has never seen such sky-rocketing prices, with house prices in the capital more than double the national average at £455,984. An overpriced market for many has led to southern based buyers and investors looking further north, where prices outside of London are a healthy 9% higher than they were at their pre-crisis peak.

Comments from Sequre

Graham Davidson, managing director of Sequre Property Investment, discusses the house price growth across the country:

“For more affordable properties, where prices are rising at a healthier and more sustainable rate, it’s simple – head north. While the news of growing house prices is usually a positive for investors in any location, London and other southern cities have become worryingly expensive and simply aren’t affordable to the average investor looking to make a profit.”

“While capital growth should be an important factor in any buy to let purchase, investors should also be looking at rental yields when researching a property or location. It isn’t unusual in areas like Manchester and Sheffield to see yields reach 6-7%, a stark difference from the average of 3-4% further south. Just another reason why location is key in property investment and it’s vital to carry out due diligence before investing, especially now more than ever for prudent investors.”

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