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The Sequre team hit the ground running

Back in January, Sequre announced Francis House Children’s Hospice as our chosen charity to support throughout 2015. As part of our fundraising efforts, many of the team have hit the ground running

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How do buy to let mortgages work?

With the number of landlords set to rise significantly this year, many are turning to buy to let mortgages in order to fund the growth of their property portfolio

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What the 2015 Budget means for investors

This week, Chancellor George Osborne delivered a budget to get Britain on the road from ‘austerity to prosperity’ and will no doubt have a positive affect on the UK and the future of the economy

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1 In 5 Refinance Home To Fund Buy To Let

Internal research from Sequre found that 1 investor out of every 5 has refinanced their home to fund a buy to let purchase. Whilst deposits can often be a stumbling block for many

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Why property is better for retirement than pensions

The number of people taking out pensions has been falling for a number of years, as demonstrated by recent reports of just 35% of the UK population choosing to invest in a pension plan

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