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Where to invest for buy to let in 2018?

With buy to let, location is everything. Where you invest can significantly determine a substandard investment from a successful one – even a high spec, fully furnished property will struggle to

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Why Manchester is still top of the buy to let wishlist

At Sequre, we have often highlighted why the north is prosperous for buy to let. Whilst London and other areas of the south may have looked ideal on paper several years ago

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Property market update – UK buy to let analysis

We’ve seen a fair few changes to the property investment market in just a few short years. There have been a number of new laws and economic changes and it’s important to recognise what affect this has had on the UK property market

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21 years of buy to let generates £1.2 million portfolios for landlords

Investors who bought property in 1996 could be celebrating with £1.2 million property portfolios as the sector celebrates its 21st birthday this year.

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buy to let investment what does a 5.1% increase mean for you?

What does a 5.1% house price increase mean for you?

Last week, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published its monthly House Price Index. This is just one of the many house price reports published on a regular basis and collates information from Land Registry

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