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What are landlords doing with their buy-to-let portfolio?

With the Government introducing changes to the housing market over the past few years, notably changes to stamp duty, tax relief and forecasted changes to capital gains tax, there was concern for landlords over the profitability, and viability of their buy-to-let investments.

Subsequently, we commissioned a poll asking roughly 800 UK landlords about their buy-to-let portfolio, and the results spoke volumes.

Most are holding their portfolio

Just 19% of current buy-to-let landlords have plans to sell their properties in the next 5 years, even with the additional Government benefits in the current buying/selling market. In addition, just 10% of investors have sold investment property in the last five years.

These results go largely against what many experts predicted to be the current state of the buy-to-let market, with most investors realising the long-term benefits and security that a property investment provides.

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Few are leaving the market

Interestingly, of those that have exited or are planning to exit the sector, changes made by Government were not the biggest reason for landlords exiting the market (19%), rather it was tenant related issues (24%), something that has long been the prominent reason for landlords leaving the market.

The importance of securing pre-tenanted or managed properties is therefore key, and something we are proud to offer on selected opportunities with Sequre.

Survey of 797 UK landlords carried out by Sequre Property Investment via consumer research platform Find Out Now (21st July 2021).

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