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Reasons to invest in Liverpool

Liverpool is an incredibly vibrant city and its appeal to tenants, buyers and investors continues to grow by the day. This has been spurred on by the Northern Powerhouse initiative, a plan which will continue to drive demand for property in Liverpool for the foreseeable future.   

With so many buy to let landlords already shifting their attention from the south and purchasing in the north to chase yields and capital growth, Liverpool already stands out as a next key city in the North West for property investment.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in Liverpool:

1)      Northern Powerhouse

There is no doubt that this is one of the most talked about topics of the last twelve months, and with good reason. The spotlight on the north has really begun to shine and it’s not just investors who are turning away from London and the south in favour of northern properties. New businesses, expanding university campuses and great leisure and entertainment facilities has cemented Liverpool as an extremely desirable place to live. With so much government backing and private investment, with new projects like HS2 directly affecting the Liverpool transport system, the future looks bright for this thriving city.

2)      Strong Returns

Thanks to so much regeneration taking place in Liverpool and across Merseyside, this has had a direct effect on house prices in the area. It’s already been reported this year that house prices in the city have risen faster than anywhere else in the UK – a fact that will grab the attention of any investors looking for great capital growth potential. Yields are also impressive in the city with an average of 5.1%, the second highest yield average out of all other major cities in the UK, only coming second to Manchester, making it one of the best areas for buy to let overall.  

3)      Regeneration

Over the last decade, Liverpool has transformed. Investment has been poured into huge, exciting projects and developments all over the city which has completely changed its landscape. Almost every part of the city has seen significant changes and it’s been a great advantage to the Liverpool property market. Everything from shopping centres, to business districts and even the dock itself has been completely reconstructed and given a new lease of life. Liverpool One, the Baltic Triangle and The Albert Dock are just a handful of the exciting projects that have played a huge part in enhancing the city. As a result, thousands flock every year to see the sights of Liverpool, making it an extremely popular tourist destination in its own right, not to mention an eclectic property hotspot for investors.

4)      A Thriving City

Liverpool has long been one of the most popular cities, not just in the UK, but the world. Its tourist attractions and rich history and culture have always brought people to the city, whether it be for work, leisure or to live long-term. Thanks to so much regeneration of the city in the past decade, it really has brought a whole new lease of life to the area and made it the phenomenal city it is today. With even more projects planned for the future, there is no doubt that tenants and investors will continue to flock to Liverpool to reap the rewards it offers in both quality, affordable housing and high returns on cash invested.

Now is the perfect time to invest in Liverpool. To find out more about investment opportunities in the city, contact Sequre today. We specialise in sourcing high yielding buy to let property at a discounted rate, meaning investors can obtain instant equity from day one. Call our team on 0800 011 2277. 

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