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What are landlords doing with their buy-to-let portfolio?

With the Government introducing changes to the housing market over the past few years, notably changes to stamp duty, tax relief and forecasted changes to capital gains tax...

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Northeast: Why high-level investment helps buy to let investors

The Northeast continues to draw high-level investment, with Nissan having recently announced details of a new £1bn “Gigafactory” to support its Sunderland car plant...

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Buy to Let | Invest Locally or Long-Distance?

Should you stick to the safety of investing in property locally, or should you invest long-distance in the hopes of potentially greater returns? This is a very common question...

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Has Brexit had an impact on the UK BTL market?

Ever since the divisive outcome of the 2016 referendum, there had been much speculation surrounding the health of the UK buy-to-let property market post Brexit.

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Cover Image - Why property should be in your pension plan

Why property should be in your pension plan

The difference in income potential of those at pension age that have invested in property when compared to those that have relied on retirement income alone is stark.

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